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Yi Ling Lai         賴  倚翎

(Lives and works in London)

As an international visual artist, Ling aspires to invoke interdisciplinary and cross-cultural dialogues in her works.

Yi Ling Lai ( b.1997) lives and works in London and Taiwan. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Calligraphy Art and Chinese Painting at the National Taiwan University of Art in 2019 and a Postgraduate Degree in MFA fine art at Kingston University in 2021. Drawing on both eastern and western traditions, Ling has developed her artistic practice of Chinese calligraphy, paintings and drawings. She combines these traditions to explore ideas, systems and experiences of languages and its limits. Her practice tests both the restrictions and possibilities of traditional Chinese calligraphy to explore themes of desire, ambivalence and obsession; subjects that are typically considered impossible to express in traditional calligraphy.

She explores these subjects using simplified traditional Chinese calligraphy characters and a repetitive mark making techniques. Without excessive sketches or references, the outcomes are authentically pure. However, she still considers semi-cursive script as a necessary element to present her style in painting, bringing language to another level through transformation and integration.

The use of line in Ling’s works is at once diaristic and abstract, descriptive and opaque, creating unique rhythms across time and space. The relationship between each line presents a dialogue, which gradually becomes visible though impressions of thoughts, interacting through reduction and amplification.


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(Curriculum Vitae)

Kingston Univeristy / London, UK

MFA, Fine Art

2019 – 2021


National Taiwan Univeristy of Arts / Banqiao, Taiwan

BFA, Chinese painting and Calligrahy Arts

2015 –  2019

2022, LSE Public Art Programme, Group Exhibition, LSE Marshall Building, London, UK

2022, Not My Beautiful House Open Call, Group Exhibition, London, UK

2022, Circles in Circle, Group Exhibition, OPEN Ealing, London, UK


2021, Arts Noelle, Group Exhibition, Gallery Oui, London, UK


2021, LONDON GRADS NOW 21, Group Exhibition, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK


2021, 10 ARTISTES, Group Exhibition, St Clar, France

2021, KSA show 2021, Online Showcase, London, UK


2021, Kingston MFA Fine Art Degree Show, London, UK 


2021, Distanced Domestic, Group Exhibition, London, UK 


2021, The Visitor, Online Degree Show, London, UK


2021, Translation, Solo Exhibition, Swan Studio, London, UK

2019, Heterogeneity, Degree Show, National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan 


2019, Rotary Club of Panchiao Art Prize ‘Extraordinary Artworks’, Group Show, Shi Xi gallery, Taiwan

2018, NTUA teachers and students’ joint exhibition, Group Exhibition, Shi Xi gallery, Banqiao, Taiwan


2018, Some Flowers, Group Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan


2018, National Art Exhibition, Group Exhibition, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan 


2018, Dot, Photography Degree Show, Banqiao, Taiwan 


2018, Time, Degree Show, Bopiliao Historic Block, Banqiao, Taiwan 

Featured in Saatchi Art Catalog

Online Platform, Saatchi Art, 2022

2022 Rising Star, Saatchi Art

Online Platform, Saatchi Art, 2022


Shortlisted for New Contemporaries 2021

London, UK, 2021


Art Prize ‘Extraordinary Artworks’ Rotary Club of Panchiao

Taiwan, 2019


Honorable Mention Award / Seal Carving

National Taiwan University of Arts , Taiwan, 2018


Honorable Mention Award / Ink Painting

National Taiwan University of Arts , Taiwan, 2018

Honorable Mention Award / Calligraphy

National Taiwan University of Arts , Taiwan, 2018

​Special selected works award Ink Painting

 National Art Exhibition, Taiwan, 2018


First place Landscape Sketch 

Tamkang Sketch competition, Taiwan, 2017 


First place / Printmaking

National Student Art Competition, Tainan, 2013  

2021, AMASSA, Mauroux, France
2021, Kingston School of Art MFA Fine Art Degree Show 

2019, Heterogeneity

2018, NTUA teachers and students’ joint exhibition

2018, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan
2022, LSE Commission Project, On-Site Mural, The Marshall Building, London   nnnnnSchool of Economics and Political Science, London, UK

2022, Workshop Art Teacher & Calligrapher, partnership with Taiwan Tourism Bureau,

nnnnnOld Spitalfield Market, London, UK
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