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  • Size: 17x 17 cm or 26 cm x 26 cm
  • Paper Type: Special Rice Paper in red with golden pattern
  • Ink Type: Chinese Ink In Black And Gold 
  • UK Delivery Only

Each piece is uniquely handmade by me, please allow for slight variations from the listed images.


Calligraphy is a traditional method of writing Chinese characters with ink and a brush. Using this beautiful skill to create Chinese New Year couplets on special paper- hand-made rice paper from Taiwan. Placing couplets expresses people’s delight in the festival and hope for a better life in 2024. Since 2017, I sold my unique pieces in Taipei, Tainan and now in London. I design my own New Year couplets for people to use and celebrate during Chinese New Year.


It is not only delivering my warm wish to everyone and the best wish for you in the year of the Dragon. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you so much. 



| 春聯全部都是純手工現點現畫,若有些許誤差請見諒 |





財運興龍(Wealth Luck Flourishing with Dragon)

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