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(2019-2020 ARTWORKS)


“Spirituality and lines” are the main axis conveyed within this painting, denoting unbalanced emotions recorded by a situational and conditional time frame.

Sequela, 2020

55.5 cm X 76 cm

Watercolor /ink on paper

line painting .jpg
small block .jpg

Mind, 2020

39 cm X 54.5 cm

Ink on canvas 

Mind, 2019

19.6 cm X 20 cm X 4.5 cm

Acrylic / ink on canvas 

LDN 1.jpg

LDN1, 2019

207 cm X 138 cm

Acrylic/ink on the wall 

LDN 1 is the first version of a performative site specific work which emphasizes the disposable nature within the calligraphy rule. Writing calligraphy directly on the wall explores the distinction between intuitive and pre-determined methods of working.

darkness 1拷貝.jpg
darkness 3.jpg
darkness 2.jpg

Darkness, 2020

29.7cm X 21cm (each)

Ink on paper 

black floral.jpg

Container, 2019

25cm X 25cm

Mixed media on box 

Spread, 2019

29.7cm X 21cm

Ink on paper 

Contemporary Artist . Asian Artist . Calligrapher 
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