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(2016-2018 ARTWORKS)


Memory of Tao Hua Yuan, 2017 -2018

116.5 cm X 91cm

Acrylic/mixed media on canvas and wood board

TAO HUA YUAN is a special and mysterious place in a well-known ancient poem. The story is about a man who finds a place where people do not have contact with the outside world. By living there, they can keep away from wars and clamor(seems like Utopia). So does my painting, I want to deliver the joy without people thinking too much when watching it and finding some details on it. The special place is that I utilize the principles of kaleidoscopes to transform the shapes of flowers. It constructs a mysterious and fascinating atmosphere of my painting.

IMG_9102 拷貝.PNG

Dancing flowers, 2018

25.4 cm X 25.4cm (each)

Ink/watercolor on rice paper


Rhapsody of flowers, 2018

41 cm X 32cm (each)

Acrylic resin and medium on canvas


Floating Life, 2018

41 cm X 32cm

Ink, acrylic and mixed medium on rice paper

紅色膠彩 單張.jpg

Mind, 2016

35 cm X 21 cm

mineral pigment on rice paper

Rhapsody of flowers, 2018

Acrylic and mixed medium

calligraphy, chinese calligraphy

Love song, 2018

180 cm X 180 cm

Chinese calligraphy on rice paper

calligraphy, chinese calligraphy


60 cm X 120 cm

Chinese calligraphy on rice paper

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